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I've been an avid photographer since the mid 1970s, acquiring a Pentax LX 35mm SLR in the early 80s, finally giving up film for digital in the mid 1990s. Although my digital cameras definitely allowed much flexibility formerly unavailable with film, I truly missed having the control of a single lens reflex (SLR) camera with interchangeable I finally took the plunge a few years back for a digital SLR (DSLR) - a Pentax I've upgraded to a professional model Pentax K-3ii and am enjoying it immensely!

The choice of Pentax was three-fold: First, I've always been a fan of Pentax (its in the blood, as they say). Second, I hoped to utilize my old Pentax lenses from my film days. And third, these Pentax cameras are fully weather-sealed (as are most of my lenses) for use in inclement important for my outdoor photography. Softwares used are Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

My passion over the years has been for nature and macro (close-up) photography, as well as astrophotography (which I hope to get back into). I began doing website design several years ago (and the photography to go along with those websites) and am enjoying the challenges of commercial photography.

I've lived in south-central Pennsylvania since 2003, prior to that in the mountains of North Carolina. Professionally, interests include website design, commercial photography, training firefighters, construction and industrial employees. Some of the topics have included workplace safety, first aid & CPR, hazardous materials and radiological response - and many OSHA 10 & 30 hour construction and general industry courses.

For relaxation I've enjoyed backpacking, hiking with my dog (a smallish black lab, now passed away), nature photography, writing poetry, and playing musical instruments – including mountain lap dulcimer, bodhrans and Native American drums and flutes, didgeridoo and jaw harp (Lochaber trump).

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We'll see where this all continues....

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