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Dorothy Knowles, Friend and Owner at
Celtic Myth and Moonlight

Totally aside from being a good friend for many years, in 2006 we began taking photographs of her shop for her website’s virtual tour page.  Two years later we took the leap to create her online shopping cart and re-designing her website. Thanks to her, the initiative was suddenly there to learn website design.  I admit to being very proud of her shop’s website, both because of the praise she receives for it from her customers and because it features my photography and web design throughout.  But it’s an easy thing to be inspired creatively there because of all the exquisite merchandise and the wonderful feel of her shop.  Dorothy, thank you for having faith in my abilities, and for working with me over these years even when hit with stumbling blocks which frustrated us both – but which we eventually worked our way through. Most recently Celtic Myth and Moonlight provided me with the full version of Adobe Creative Suite CS-5 Web Premium,(which included Photoshop and Dreamweaver) which has helped exponentially. Please take a look at Celtic Myth and Moonlight's website at and on Facebook at and

Finley Dula, my brother

A number of years ago my brother provided me with an early version of Photoshop software enabling me to manipulate the digital photographs I was taking, allowing me to create images to be proud of.  We’ve both been through some rough times over the years, but we’re still brothers…enough said.

Glenda Danilshenko, friend and neighbor, Owner of The Reinholds Inn

Glenda has been a good neighbor over the years, and I've dined at her fine restaurant, The Reinholds Inn, many times. A few years ago I began assisting her with resolving some major website problems she was having, and have now completely re-done her website - and helped her re-acquire her ".com" domain name. Please take a look at The Reinholds Inn's website at

Please accept my apologies if I've left you off this list. Many people have contributed to my life and sadly some of those are no longer with us, most especially my mom. For all of you, I thank you!

George Dula

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